Brain Freeze

I never felt the cold as a kid.

I had the mandatory duffel-coat, which made me look like a very small protester on the Aldermaston March, but rarely felt I needed it; even in the winter of 1962/3.  Ice Cold in Balham would have made a good film.

But now, with the duffel-coat no longer fitting (I blame chocolate Hob Nobs), I now need several layers.  When I go out now, it looks like I could be assisting Sherpa Tensing, only without the ice-pick.

I had an uncle who had a string vest.  He would eat his tea wearing it.   I often wondered what the point was – there were more holes than things stoppings drafts.  “Don’t forget your vest” was a much-used adage.  Why, if 90% was holes?

Nowadays everything is “thermal” – when I was a kid, the only thing which was thermal was a flask.

Years ago, if you had layers on, you’d look like the Michelin Man.  These days, everything is more streamlined and energy efficient.  If you still look like the Michelin Man, it means you’re not cold, you’re simply eating too many cakes.

I still have elastic attached to my gloves.

I also find myself saying “take your coat off, or you’ll not feel the benefit”  Oscar Wilde once said, “all women turn into their mothers”.  I’ve turned into my Nan 😊

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