Sycamore or less

With the proliferation of computer games these days, I assume no one plays with flowers anymore?

Are daisy chains still made?  I assume, if you live next door to a family of aging hippies, they probably are?

I’m at that age when I don’t need plucking a dandelion to remind me to get up several times during the night!

Do I like butter?  Nowadays you’re asked about food allergies rather than food preferences.

As you get older, you’re more likely to worry about dandelion spores creating more weeds, not whether someone loves you (or not).

As a kid, growing up in the ‘60s and wandering across Wandsworth Common, I’d collect conkers.  Don’t know why: the fear of breaking the wrist which bowled a decent leg-break when I was 11, was never going to be risked in a school playground with a weapon baked in vinegar.

Walking along the street these days you never see people with green tufts of Goose Grass sticking to their clothes?  It was how Eric Bristow started.  Goose Grass was also called “sticky willy” – you can insert your own joke here, or, if this affects you directly, order some ointment.

Every time I walked past a sycamore tree on Tooting Bec Common I’d dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.

Luckily rationing has stopped, so I don’t have to drink coffee made from acorns anymore.

Nettle tea’s off, love.

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