Foiled again


In the ‘60s, growing up, one obsession I had was collecting silver foil to send off to Blue Peter to help provide guide dogs.
I was an avid viewer of the programme and keen to do my bit.
I had two sources of silver foil (aside from nicking my mum’s Bacofoil so we didn’t eat a roast for several months): the tops of milk bottles and the insides of some cigarette packets.
Within our Balham flats there was a grocer on site. I was insistent my family visited every day to “drink a pint a milk”. I’m sure there will have been dairy farms serving the SW17 area on high alert to produce more milk because of my calcium-intake keenness.
(As the only child and grandchild I was always treated to the “top of the milk” to put on my tinned fruit cocktail).
My dad smoked Senior Service. Once unwrapped and the top of the packet opened, covering the fags was a strip of silver foil. During the Blue Peter campaign, I’d got my dad smoking sixty-a-day.
While I never understood, how they turned my offerings of silver foil into Labradors and Golden Retrievers, I innocently assumed John Noakes must have been an alchemist?
Get down, Shep.

4 thoughts on “Foiled again

  1. Hi Mike!

    Just discovered your wonderful blog. Can’t stop laughing. Fondly memories from the Moorgate days!
    Henri Exner


  2. What a great memory you have Mike, our dad used to smoke Senior Service (and / or Players) and I remember the outside of the packets well (especially as I was often sent to the newsagents to buy them for him – half a crown for a pack of 20 I seem to remember), but I can’t remember the insides though, when you mentioned it, thin silver foil does ring a bell. You were very diligent,mi hope you managed to send enough silver paper for a whole dog and not just a leg (especially the leg that was cocked up against a lamppost).


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