Penny for your thoughts?


With Brexit looming does this mean we’ll revert to using Imperial currency?   If so, how many Euros will you get for an old ten-bob note?

I shall look forward to shop windows displaying their clothes’ prices in guineas and going to a greengrocer where there are hand-written cards showing bananas are 1/6 for a pound 😊.

In 1971 I remember buying a set of the “new” decimal coins from a Post Office on Balham High Road.   (I’m assuming they were the real thing as the bloke running the Post Office was Polish and he could have been selling me a set of out-of-circulation Zlotys for all I knew).  They were in a Perspex box and remember thinking how any of those coins were going to fit in a gas meter which only took half-crowns!  (I bought several candles too, just in case).

If this money does return then I’m getting my half-full jar of threepenny bits (insert you own gag here) down from the loft, where it has lain dormant since the bank amnesty ended for pre-decimal coinage.   I shall also be curious to see how much a farthing gets me.

I think I may invest in some sheep too in case bartering comes back and will bird-feeding still only cost tuppence a bag?

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