Spam (sadly), isn’t off, love


I rarely ate school dinners as I lived next door to my Balham primary school; plus I had an intolerance to caterpillars – which the school salads had in abundance (the dinner ladies thought it a substitute for ham) (although you rarely get that with an Ocado delivery “We’ve no ham, but we’ve substituted it with a punnet of caterpillars”).

As an only child – and subsequently a fussy eater – my weekday lunch at home was a decade of egg ‘n’ chips – I look back and wonder why I have such high cholesterol!

However, growing up in the 60s there was a regularity about what I had for my tea:

Monday Cold meat and bubble – “you can never have enough sprouts, Michael”
Tuesday Mince, made from the meat originally used on Sunday, but chewed and digested as if it had been cooked in the 17th Century
Wednesday Spam
Thursday Possibly more Spam as my mum refused to buy any recipe book other than “Cooking with spam”
Friday Cod fillets – to be enjoyed alongside watching The Champions
Saturday Sausages – made from 95% old bus tickets, so low was the nutritional value
Sunday Never happened as mum would invariably have one of her “heads”

Diets have changed over the years (mine hasn’t, although I rarely have spam twice in a week these days) and more foodstuffs have been introduced.

However, for me, avocado is still the colour of your bathroom, not something you eat on toast!

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