River deep, Streatham High (Road)


In the 60s, my mum took me twice to the Streatham Odeon: once to see Mary Poppins and once to see The Supremes.

I saw them both in quick succession and wondered, halfway through Love Child, why Julie Andrews wasn’t in the line-up?  And why they ended the concert singing Baby Love and not A spoonful of sugar?

When I saw The Supremes, Diana Ross had left the group to commence a career starting World Cup Finals and I thought I was well within my rights to expect the expert nanny, together with her magical umbrella to be on the stage singing You can’t hurry love. (This song was originally written for the 1937 Cockney musical, Me and My Girl and the version was to have been called, You can’t hurry, love.)

I’m thrilled, however, that the Streatham Odeon is still functioning as a cinema; the Balham Odeon is now a Majestic Wine House – not so much Kia Ora more a fine Beaujolais and the Mayfair Tooting is now a bank (via, in the 70s, an upmarket snooker hall – which, of course, in Tooting, is oxymoronic) and will probably end up being a pub – as most old banks do.

I suppose there is a link, as the grocer where Mary Poppins bought her sugar was called Nathan Jones.

2 thoughts on “River deep, Streatham High (Road)

  1. Ha ha – love the confusion between the Supremes and Mary Poppins ! But I had to write because you, cleverly, say ‘You can’t hurry love’ was originally to have been ‘You can’t hurry, love’ from ‘Me and My Girl’.

    Although you will remember Crackerjack, I’m not sure whether you will remember it when it was presented by Eamomn Andrews, ably assisted by Peter Glaze ?

    Well, in those days, the show ended with a comedy skit – always, I think, involving songs from the Top Ten – and, on one occasion that I remember well, Peter Glaze was a bus conductor standing on the bus platform being chased by a woman (who had missed the bus and was trying to board the moving bus). And the gag was him singing to her “You can’t hurry, love, you’ll just have to wait …. ”

    Had you been a few years older and chosen a different career, you could have been the scriptwriter !!!


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